bluewren (bluewrenn) wrote,


Well, things have been really busy here. I've had lots and lots of client work and lots of work doing farm-related stuff...

We got two Angora goats which are currently being boarded at a friend's house. We've gotten a lot of stuff moved down and stored in the barns. We're starting to get some of the trees purchased for the orchard and berry patches. I've got all my seeds ready for the gardens.

On the creative front, I've gotten the two knit hats completed (finally! I had to redo them both.) Now, I just need to dig out the addresses and get them mailed.

I finished one of the two dolls I'm doing for the farm girl doll swap. I've gotten one of the birthday packages done.

Still left to do - the family's birthday gifts, the two other birthday packages for bday_packages, and one more doll. Plus some doll clothes.

Plus some hacky sacks for a mission group to take to Central America.

Good news - I've been haunting the local JoAnn's store that was closing and got a ton of different shelving units. Yesterday was their final day and we went down and finally got some fabric. I ended up with about 7 or 8 bolts of fabric (avg. length 6 yards) and some other items. We ended up spending about $45 for almost $900 worth of fabric!

NEW STORE CLOSING (DFW Area) - the Hancock's Fabrics at Marsh and Josey (or maybe Forest & Josey) is closing now. I haven't been over there to see it or verify the validity of this yet, but I was told that it is in the early days of the closing sale, so the discounts aren't that great yet.
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