bluewren (bluewrenn) wrote,

Misc Items for Sale

These items are also for sale... 

Baby's Sweater $15  - Hats thrown in for free!

Sweater was made for 6-12  mo. old but looks big.  Please check measurements against your baby's. May fit small toddler.
Length is 12 inches.  Measurement across back = 12 inches. Sleeves 8 inches from armpit, 5 inches with cuffs folded (may be folded up  further) Collar opening measures approximately 4 1/2  inches across when tied. Ties closed at collar.

Baby hat with tassels & second hat with pompom (child sized).


Baby Poncho - Blue/Gree/Yellow poncho fits toddler.  Neck opening measures approx. 19 inches around. $15


Belts - $6 each or all three for $15.   Yellow shawl (Small to Medium Adult) $20 (SHAWL SOLD)


Scarves $15 each - Joseph Scarf White, Joseph Scarf Green, Cranberry Scarf with Gold Glitter* (This last one has a matching Kids hat!)


Fluffy Hat and Scarf Sets $20 each (Both fit Kids/Small to Medium Adults)

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