bluewren (bluewrenn) wrote,

Adult and Kids' Hat SALE!!!!

These are only SOME of the hats I have available for sale. Please check back often for more listings in this post.

Kid and Small Adult Hats measure approximately 19 inches around and 8-9 inches from brim to top. They are $8 each or 3 for $20. These hats normally sell for $12.50 a hat. (Should fit kids 8+)

Adult Hats (XL) measure approximately 21 inches around and 10 inches long. Men usually wear this size. XL hats are $10 each or 3 for $25.  These hats normally sell for $18 a hat.

PLEASE measure the intended recipient's head to make sure the hat will fit them.

NOTE: Please contact me with measurements for kids (2-8 years old) for custom made hats.

Kids/Small Adult Hats 

First row: Dark Red Stripe, Multi Stripe, Cranberry Red with Gold Glitter


Row 2 : Black with Red Stripes, Aqua Stripe, Purple Stripe


Row 3: Blue with Pink/Purple, Green & Grey, Red & Grey (note: The last two are still kid/small adult sized, although they are shown on male mannequins.)


Row 4: Red/Yellow/Blue; Orange/Yellow/Blue, Camouflage


Row 5: Yellow/Tan, Tan with Copper Fun Fur, Cream with Oatmeal


Row 6: Green & Purple Multi, Navy Blue w/Blue Stripes, Lt. Blue with Blue & Navy Stripes


Row 7:  Red/Blue with Braids, Red/Blue with Earflaps (SOLD) , Oatmeal/Green with Floppy Brim


Adult Hats

Row 1: Purple with White Bows (SOLD), Red/White/Black with fun fur accents(SOLD), Cream/Yellow/Purple


Note: If you see something you like but it has already been asked for, please email me at about a custom order. 

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