bluewren (bluewrenn) wrote,

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday today and I want to thank everyone who sent me gifts and cards. I'm having a great birthday so far. I got two incubators, a pocket knife and a copy of Sims 2 Pets from DH, some fabric, yarn, trims and buttons from some of my internet buddies, some recipes and more from another internet friend, handmade soap from Ellen, a trip to Atlanta from my sister and her family, and money from my dad! Dad, the money is being saved to buy some ducks and chickens!

And I got myself a sweater and a pair of jeans. I also got a ton of cards from friends, family and internet buddies. Thanks!

In other news, I've been busy trying desperately to finish up some of the packages I promised in December and January. I have been making handmade books, scarves, hats, and more and am finishing up on a big batch of packages to go out. So, if I promised you something, hopefully it's one of the ones almost ready to mail.

I also have a package of sewing patterns for Liz, a very. very late package for my buddy Heather Layne, and a pile of Valentines for my farm girl friends at Mary Jane's Farm!!!
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