bluewren (bluewrenn) wrote,

Last year I participated in a great community called holiday_wishes. It's back this year, better than ever and here is my wish list...

1. Some folks to buy my knit and crocheted hats/scarves at ETSY (

2. Old cookbooks, esp. pre-1960

3. A copy of Poultry House Construction, by Michael Roberts (book), or craft books about paper crafts, bookbinding, making toys (used ok)

4. Seeds for my gardens – esp. any unusual vegetables or herbs, but ANY kinds of seeds would be cool, even seeds for houseplants and trees (just label them so I know what they are, please!)

5. Anything with skulls or skeletons on it – like dia de los muertos stuff or tattoo art – esp. bags/purses or gothic rag dolls . I collect skull stuff!

6. Ravioli cutting utensil (looks like a small cookie cutter with a wooden handle and used for crimping and cutting out raviolis)

Okay, the following are extreme wishes and I’m only listing them because they are still wishes, however obscure or impossible… And it never hurts to dream!

7. Incubator for hatching eggs -Used okay, as long as it’s been cleaned, but ANY incubator would be cool! (If you want specifics, I’m saving up for a GQF Hovabator Model 2362N Forced Air Incubator, and GQF Model 1614 Autoturner with goose egg racks or chicken/duck egg racks…)

8. A gift certificate for/or Hatching Eggs for any of the following birds: Welsummer, Lakenvelder or Maran chickens; Silver Appleyard or Welsh Harlequin ducks; Pilgrim geese (Some of these birds are extremely rare, so I’m trying to find someone who has them! Please contact me first regarding this wish, if you can help. It requires some preparation beforehand. Thanks!.)

9. A llama cria or angora goat kid (hey, you never know!)

10. Someone to send some gifts to my sister and her new baby son (she's having a tough year!)

Happy Holidays!!!!
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