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My doll from Carmen!

I got my doll from seven-year old farm girl Carmen today! (Carmen is the one who received the baby doll from me.) I'll post pictures sometime over the next week or so... She deserves a pretty outside setting and I want to wait until it dries up a bit around here to fully show her off!

The doll's name is Forsythia Root and she is a vivid garden girl! She has the cutest clothes made from fabric in hues of every color (like the flowers that she loves) and has dark blue, teal and purple long wavy hair pulled back with bright colored clips and stuffed under a gaily hued crochet beret made by Carmen herself.

She sports a flowery dress, lots of jewelry, rainbow-striped stockings, purple velvet boots, an eyebrow ring and the biggest, softest heart I have ever seen! She carries a small bright purse of orange and yellow, with a sculpey cell phone and even has her own lipstick! And the lipstick matches exactly the shade she is wearing! She also comes with her very own Indiana drivers license, complete with picture.

She came with a huge red bucket of goodies - a kit for making peanut butter birdseed pinecones, a bluebird whistle, lots and lots of duckie stationery, a farm themed puzzle book, and lots more. Carmen also included lots of treats for the kitties and a bone for my dog Brindi!

The box she arrived in is also the biggest brightest package I have ever received - I overheard the mail man say that it was the most impressive package he has ever seen! Anyhow, the box was decorated as a bright green colored flowery school bus, complete with orange butterflies and yellow flowers, and brightly colored tires.

This is so impressive! The care and detail is amazing, esp. for a seven year old! Carmen did not forget any detail and I am sure I will keep discovering more and more wonderful little details over time... Each time I look at her, I find something else! How much fun!!!

There was so much in this package that I know I won't remember everything, but it was totally wonderful! Thank you so much Carmen!!!
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