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Happy Anniversary to ME!

Okay, technically we were married on Leap Day (February 29th) but on off years we celebrate it on the 28th. So "Happy Anniversary" to us! DH and I have been married for 11 years (if you count the non-leap years or 3.75 if you don't. DH doesn't. I do.)

Did you know that the 11th year anniversary gift is steel? How exciting. (NOT.) I think we are going to get each other watches because we both don't have a working one at the moment. How exciting. (NOT, but it's all we could think of.)

Unfortunately DH has meetings both tonight and tomorrow night. So I don't even know if I will get dinner out. What a crappy deal! And he is working a test (as a proctor) so he's not home at all during the day. *sigh*


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