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Pink goodness!

I'm working on a wonderfuly soft hat and fingerless glove set  for a friend of mine who recently had a birthday... 
(I won't say who cuz it's kind of a surprise!) 

Anyhow, I have one glove yet to go...


Got lots of stuff in the works - Valentines Day cards for my Farm Girls, birthday gifts for a whole bunch of folks, a romantic shawl for my sister for her birthday, some very late care packages for some overseas pals, etc. etc.

My birthday is January 25th and for the first time in a very LONG LONG time, I am planning on having a party!  Well, at least a small one with some of my old and new friends... probably the last time I'll see them in a party setting before I move to Hillsboro... 

And I am buying myself the BIGGEST birthday cake I can find...

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