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Well, I have been doing lots of little stuff all week - I got some farm stationery done, a couple of felt farm animals sewn and I have almost finished Skip's Dr. Who/SMU scarf.

His scarf is crocheted (hdc) in big blocks of autumn red and blueberry Simply Soft. (His school colors are Harvard red and Yale blue.) It's wide (10 inches) and really long (almost 12 feet) and actually becoming hard to work with - yes, it's THAT LONG! I'll post pics just as soon as it's completely done!

I've scanned the stationery and will probably be trying to sell some of the cards on ETSY next week.

The felt animals are for some of my Farm Girl friends, and I think I'll present them as pin cushions.

Nothing else going on...

I got some new craft books (well, old ones from Half Price Books):

The Step by Step Art of Making Soft Toys by Alan Dart - lots of cute little commercial-looking cloth animals but it has some pretty awesome FOOD toys in it...veggies for you foodies!  (Hey Twinkie - I'll try to scan some of the pics and send them to you!)

Better Homes and Gardens American Christmas Crafts and Foods, 1984 ed. 
This book has the absolute BEST food recipes (the pics make you drool!) and tons of really cute rag doll and soft toy patterns. Plus lots of quilting and other stuff I'm not normally interested in. But the best part is that it has lots projects that my sisters and I did as kids, so it's definitely a  nostalgia trip.  I definitely recommend this book - it's my current favorite.

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